Do this with photography, double exposure 'freddie' by NYC mixed media artist Veronica Leto. ACEO x in. This very interesting image took lots of research to locate! via evey in orbit on Etsy

David Hockney

David Hockney Prehistoric Museum Near Palm Springs, 1982 photographic collage 84 x 56 in. i choose this photo because I liked the over exaggerated shadow and the black and white

Human Rights - Woman's Rights for Iran

This is an illustration that describes how women in Iran are expected to dress as an anti-western culture exists

The brilliance of David Shrigley

David Shrigley - Lost Pidgeon - Exhibition 'Brain Activity' at Hayward Gallery

David Shrigley

David Shrigley, I’m dead, Taxidermy cat, x x 21 cm via Galleri Nicolai Wallner

David Hockney

Get Lost in David Hockney’s Poppy Landscape Paintings

coming-of-age in revolutionary Iran... illustrated

Human rights reading list board from Amnesty International. This one: "Touching, raw, brilliant. A memoir in the form of a graphic novel telling the story of the author growing up in Tehran before, during and after the Iranian Revolution in


Sao Paulo based illustrator Gabriel Lumazark’s distinct, sketchy style is a wonderful game played on the eyes.