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laura carlin

yes-exclamation-point: “ i love this illo of a gas station by laura carlin because it reminds me of the last gas station on in way-way-upstate NY right before the canadian border where we always.

L. S. Lowry, Fun Fair at Daisy Nook 1953.

Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life – in pictures

LS Lowry's Fun Fair at Daisy Nook Photograph: © Christie's Images / The Bridgeman Art Library

L. S. Lowry

The dark side of the matchstick man: Painter L.S. Lowry never married or had a girlfriend. But the woman he befriended as a child now tells of their bizarre relationship

Groundbreaking: One of Lowry's typical 'matchstick men' paintings, depicting the industrial north of England