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These are recipes for breakfasts & Brunches from my Blog "Dima's Kitchen" enjoy :)

Dima Sharif
Chocolate Banana Bread

Dima Sharif

Serves 12 | Easy Click here for this recipe in Arabic The banana makes this loaf very moist, with patches of melted chocolate and a cr...

Crepe Suzette

Dima Sharif

I finally got the time to get together with the ladies this morning. It was a wonderful gathering and just great catching up with the girls :) The best thing about these get togethers is that you get to see the inner greatness in all of these wonderful women who would stop at nothing to support their families, loved ones and children. You get to hear the great things that they silently do each and every day to provide the best in their homes without the slightest bit of expectation for…

Crustless Mediterranean Quiche

Dima Sharif

Serves 4 | Super Easy Click here for this Recipe in Arabic The natural goodness of this dish kicks start your day and setting the tone for the rest of it Who doesn't love Quiche? It is definitely one of my favourites. But in my endless efforts to control weight gain and frequently shed off the extra pounds - hazards of the job - I have had to put quiche on the 'Would Love to Have But Can't' list! Until I have decided that just because I am constantly watching what I am eating, doesn't…

Home-made Granola Cups

Dima Sharif

Healthy can be good too! When it comes to adopting healthy life styles, breakfast is the first step. We all know how important breakfast is. We have been exhaustingly hearing this message. This is not meant to tap on clichés, but I have to say this is so true. Food is in essence fuel, and breakfast fuels your day, giving you energy to go on, starts your metabolism, and most importantly kick starts your internal processes. This is a good place to start your healthy lifestyle! Many skip…

Doughnuts at home

Dima Sharif

Makes 12 Doughnuts Baked Doughnuts reduce the fat content Doughnuts are the world's favourite snack! There is something to appeal to eve...

Blueberry Pancakes

Dima Sharif

Blueberries are sensational! Add them to pancakes and what can be better? In the streets of Juffeir in Bahrain there is a little diner/pub called Ric's Country Kitchen. When I was living there, I used to wait for Fridays to break off work and kick start the weekend with their to-die-for breakfast. The place would be buzzing with people, and at times you really had to wait in line. But all worth the wait! Treat your family to an occasional Ric's Country Kitchen at home! The menu is a straight…


Dima Sharif

Home-made Falafel are delicious! Right before everyone heads out of Dubai for summer vacations, why not invite your friends over for a r...

Middle Eastern Brown Broadbean Mash (Foul)

Dima Sharif

All you need is a squeeze of lemon juice and they are delicious, add to that some Tahina (sesame paste) and it is a treat! Fool, is Fava Beans or brown Broad Beans. In this preparation of fool (sometimes known as Fool Midammes, or Fool Bil Tahina) we create a mash out of these beans, mix them with Tahina (sesame paste) lemon juice, or green chili sauce and vegetables. This is a traditional breakfast/Brunch option, that is very popular. There are many ways to prepare Fool. Some like it plain…

Zucchini Frittatas

Dima Sharif

I love individual portions, I find them very elegant they are awesome in a buffet I know from all your feedback that you have been enjoying this Breakfast week! I am delighted to know that many of you are going to be having Friday Breakfast with family and friends this weekend :) I look forward to hearing all about how the recipes turned out, and the feedback you all got from your guests. Today's recipe is a little different from those I have been posting all week. With the breakfast week, I…

Mediterranean Focaccia with Fresh Rolled Halloumi

Dima Sharif

Serves 8 | Medium to hard I have been invited by Kari Heron from 'Chef and Steward' to join her "Fresh Mystery Basket" challenge in which I am supposed to use fresh produce in making a spontaneous, new and challenging eats. How exciting is that?! In an attempt to be spontaneous, I have gone to shop without a plan in mind, and started with fresh herbs. I love Fresh Thyme, and thought this is one item that I will definitely be using. Since I was at it, I also grabbed a pot of fresh rosemary…

Delicious Plain Pancakes with Whipped Cream Cheese, Kiwi Salsa & Kiwi Bonbons

Dima Sharif

About a month ago, Chef and Steward had announced a Fresh Basket Challenge in which participants had to go grocery shopping without a list or a recipe in mind, and go according to what they find in the supermarket. Kind of like creating a spontaneous recipe based on what fresh products are available. I took on the challenge for a couple of days, and went shopping without predetermined lists in mind. The first day I went for savoury: Mediterranean Focaccia Bread with Fresh Halloumi, and for…