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When the spotlight falls on you, you'll be grateful to be donning a number as cute as the Dress Rehearsal Peach Skater Dress! Back cutout meets a full skater skirt.

3/4 sleeve chevron taupe and coral dress: Filly Flair $44 Love love love this

I WANT THIS DRESS! - Love this fall maxi! Now we can just throw on a maxi dress and look adorable all year long instead of just in the summer! Love the pattern and the warmer colors.

Chevron summer dress; and, a big necklace; I, absolutely, love, it; and, a bracelet--the color of the necklace--added, would complete the, 'look'! ('Rule of Design': repeatitive, color; in, sets of three; or, more; in, uneven numbers.

Chevron summer dress, a big necklace, and a bracelet the color of the necklace added would complete the look. ('Rule of Design': repetitive color in sets of three or more in uneven numbers.