Robbie Williams

David Walliams Admits He Had Gay Experiences As A Child

Robbie Williams my gawd he just gets better with age!

Robbie Williams, see he's pointing at ME with the 'e' finger at the end of L O V , it can only mean one thing, Robbie LOVES ME!

Robbie Williams - great performer!! And cute too! :)

Robbie Williams "Obsessed-with' is an under-statement. He featured in the birth of my first born (a funny story), and I get excited any time I hear or see him. So happy he finally settled down and is a dad.

I so would!

Who is that dapper motherfucker? Why it's Robbie Williams, of course.

Robbie Williams

I never thought that I'd put Robbie Williams on here, but this is good dinner suit.

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