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a cat is holding a brush in it's mouth
a cat sitting on top of a potted plant in the middle of a garden
A cat-safe garden of non-toxic plants your cats will love.
Create a cat garden that you and your cat will love
there are many different plants in the house
12 Common Houseplants Safe for Cats That Filter Your Air
a cat scratching post with tools on the floor
DIY Cat Scratching Post That Lasts for Years!
DIY Cat Scratching Post That Literally Lasts for Years! - Dream a Little Bigger
four different pictures of cats playing with toys on the floor and in boxes that say diy cat puzzles
Lots of DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorials
some cats are laying in a basket on the floor and one cat is sleeping inside
DIY Pet Projects
Add a fun touch to your home decor with a DIY project for your dog or cat. These tutorials are easy and they are a great way to love your pet!
a cat sitting on top of a table next to a potted plant with the words how to entertain a cat in a small apartment?
How to Entertain a Cat in a Small Apartment?
a cat with the words 10 awesome apartment cat - happiness ideas to try
Ultimate Ideas for Cats in Small Spaces
a cat sitting on the floor next to a table with a coffee cup in it
Behind the Brand: Hilde & Phil's Cat-e-Corner Couch Scratcher Side Table
This is more than just a scratching post. Read on to find out how the Cat-e-Corner is redefining cat furniture.
a cat sitting in a multicolored dog bed
Upcycled Patchwork Cat Beds That You Can Make At Home
Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled Patchwork Cat Beds That You Can Make At Home
a kitten playing with a toy on the floor and text overlay that reads, diy cheap or free to keep your cat amused
Cheap or Free Puzzles to Enrich Your Cat's Life
Planter bowl of cat grass Grass For Cats, Cat Grass Box Indoor, Cat Grass Indoor, Pet Grass, Indoor Cat Garden Ideas, Indoor Cat Garden, Diy Cat Stuff Homemade
DIY Cat Grass Bed
Growing a large pot of cat grass is the best way to provide this nutrient and fiber rich treat for your indoor cat. Here's what you need to know to make your own.