London Underground Poster

“'Brightest London' Is Best Reached By Underground", - Illustration Art by Horace Taylor (b. 1881 - d. English) ~ London Underground Poster by: "London Transport Museum © Transport for London".

London Underground

This high resolution London Underground poster showing Piccadilly Circus was painted by Molly Moss in titled Out and About in Winter London.

I love fairies

The Fairy of the Snow Ida Rentoul Outhwaite ☽☯☾magickbohemian

Sales by Birmingham Phil

Summer Sales Quickly Reached by Underground; by Mary Koop, 1925 . but in other ways they were endearingly realistic, and are just as relevant today as they would have been when originally published. This 1925 poster shows a throng of summer sales shoppe

Horace Taylor. Summer Sales. 1926

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