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My decision making skills closely resemble that of a squirrel when crossing the street. LOL I will never look at a squirrel the same again

The struggle was real.

funny quote texting wasn't always easy you had to work for it you need an s you better click that 7 button four times

Everyone deserves someone like this. (And of course, the flip side is that every man deserves a woman that will take care of his needs because he makes her feel like his whole world...win-win !!)

A real woman can do it all by herself but a real man wont let her love love quotes quotes quote relationship relationship quotes a real man a real woman a real man quotes real man quotes

Trilogy meter, pretty accurate!

trilogy meter-so true esp Star Wars, the Matrix & OMG the Godfather is spot on.

Teasmade - Wake up to a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning

Buy Swan Teasmade Kettle, White from our All Kettles range at Tesco direct. We stock a great range of products at everyday prices.

Best pin of life

Mornings_nap_"I wake up everyday planning to be productive and then a voice in my head says "Haha good one!" and we laugh and laugh and take a nap."_Seriously, I have had a few of these; and I do laugh.

One does not simply wash into Mordor.

Hey, you're lucky if you're shower ever goes to Mordor. The rest of us are stuck in the Arctic Ocean of the time.