Dining Room decor ideas - Transitional rustic style in beige and white with farmhouse table, upholstered chairs and metal candelabra light fixture.

Cahier de styles - Compilation thématiques d'images et d'idées. Couleur : Blanc…

Structured box balls and fresh greens with wafting grasses and white Agapanthus to lift it. Clean and attractive. Both box and agapanthus are toxic to rabbits so grow in tall pots if used out of Paddys reach


I chose this image because of the long flowers in the vase. Circle light fixtures directly to the flowers and a black accent wall made it the best way to attract my attention.

Hudson Loft by SchappacherWhite Ltd.

Hudson Loft by SchappacherWhite Ltd

Jardin 101

love the mixture of white roses and lavender in the same rectilinear bed, lovely combination, modern and traditional

aménagement jardin extérieur, déco nature, végétation sauvage et mobilier en bois massif

Aménagement jardin extérieur et idées déco cosy en 40 photos