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7 reasons you should sleep with your dog

7 Surprising Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep On Your Bed Every Night - There are actual health benefits to letting your four-legged best friend spend the night, and it isn’t just you who’s better for all that cuddle time. It’s better for your dog, too!

Veruts Welborn Hardiman (1922-2007) experimented on with radiation at a county hospital in 1927, leaving him with severe physical complications. Hardiman nonetheless led a full and productive life, graduating from high school with the highest honors. In 1945 he moved to California where he worked as a hospital orderly for over forty years--in all those years he never missed one day of work. He dabbled in real estate on the side, eventually amassing a  personal fortune in excess of $8…

Historically experiments have always been carried out on African Americans with little or no regards to ethics