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Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. Make it special to your guests. pixels Wrapping Presents Gift Wrap Craft Paper

christmas gift wrap stamped with a pencil eraser Genius!

Brown kraft paper for wrapping, stamped with white stamp pad and rubber eraser end of a pencil

Simple Christmas wrap

So simple, yet impressive. The White Bench: Creative Christmas Wrapping Green.Kraft paper,Jute then embellished with a star purchased at the craft store.

Christmas wrap

This is a nice idea for wrapping gifts, using felt leaves or snowflakes. Maybe stamping the paper wrapping with evergreen trees, or other holiday stamps from your craft stores.

Gift wrapping ideas by eloise

If you're feeling adventurous in your gift wrapping, use yarn to make creative patterns and bows. Hey I have a bunch of bright red yarn I can't do anything else with.