Lichtspiel: Trim Profile in extruded aluminum painted white | lighting . Beleuchtung . luminaires | Design: Panzeri |

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Mushroom underside close-up by Daniel Cadieux

Underneath of a Mushroom. Again another example of linear patterns created in nature that I think would work well when interpreted on material. I particularly like the uniformity of this pattern.

#BwLovedByPascalRiben - MINIMALISM IN B&W on

This piece works with shadow art, which I find very interesting. I love pieces with crisp lines and the affect of the nails has exactly that. The contrast between the white wall, dark nails, and light shadows is dramatic, yet simple.

Visions of an Industrial Age: Gallery - Oscar Niemeyer Through the Lens of Haruo Mikami - 6

Gallery of Oscar Niemeyer Through the Lens of Haruo Mikami - 6

The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company: Through the Looking Glass (XVI)

Surrealism and optical illusions occur in real life. Note the refraction pattern caused by this glass of water.

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