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Articles written for kitchen component manufacturer BLUM
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Top of your to-do list for 2015 may be to treat yourself to a new kitchen, after all this new piece of functional furniture could help to ignite a lifestyle change that delivers motivation and positivity throughout your personal life! It may also come in handy when preparing those healthy food options to complement your all new gym membership!

Artichoke Project: Transitional styling has allowed kitchen design to evolve, delivering a diverse array of bespoke options that are continually morphing into elaborate functional design solutions to suit any stylistic preference

Reflective Surfaces

Luxury Kitchens If your kitchen with ample space and big, you're lucky you can get the luxury kitchens. According to the website "Zillow", It is a popular

Tisettanta kitchen

Kitchen Design, Fantastic Miele Kitchen Cabinets Stainless Steel Combining With Sink And Stoves Modern Stylish Also Kitchen Table Multi Functions Along With Bay Windows And Chic Style Walls: Wonderful and Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Good design is everywhere but to many people design can be something that is only occasionally appreciated from a distance. Non-design enthusiasts may only become more acquainted with the detail of design when it impacts directly upon their own lives and the personal space in which they inhabit...

Does online inspiration lead to project confusion?

kbb 201414 open plan kitchen

kbb 201414 open plan kitchen

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