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two giraffes that are standing next to each other in the grass together
"Giraffes: The Tallest Mammals on Earth"|| "Giraffe Facts: Surprising Information About These Unique
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a large lion laying on top of a rock
Kenya Safaris | Kenya Safari Holidays
Pioneer of the safari-and-beach package holiday, Kenya holidays are a little different from the other big game African safari destinations we sell. Some of the National Parks have taken a higher-volume, mass-market approach to tourism. As such, some areas of Kenya are widely regarded in the industry as suboptimal, certainly not for any lack of wildlife or culture, but simply because of the numbers of tourists, especially in peak season, making it difficult to avoid the crowds.
an elephant walking down a dirt road with a woman holding the trunk of it's trunk
Andrew Harper | Hotel Reviews & Travel Booking for Members
Orphaned Elephants and an 80th Birthday Wish: A Conversation with Dame Daphne…
two gorillas playing with each other in the wild
Africa | A mountain gorilla mother cares for its young in the Virunga National Park, Rwanda | © Andy Rouse
black and white photograph of an elephant walking down a dirt road with other elephants in the background
African Elephant
a baby gorilla laying on top of hay
Keep your paws off my baby! Zoo keepers are unable to get close to newborn gorilla because of its 16-stone protective mother
Tender love... This sweet baby was born as part of a successful breeding program in Ozala at the Twycross Zoo
two zebra standing next to each other on a dry grass field
National Geographic Your Shot
Who Us? Photo by P. Warner -- National Geographic Your Shot
a herd of zebras standing next to each other on a field in the fog
a large leopard walking across a lush green field
a baby gorilla is nursing from its mother
Gorilla mother Kumili arms her newborn