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Its a Composite of 2 Shots. 1 took for Simple Milky Way and on Other Shot I did Zoom Burst Technique (Through Lens) on Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India. Milkyway (Milky Way) at Pangong Lake ( Pangong Tso ) , Ladakh, India.

Young stars cooking in the Prawn Nebula | Petimbo

Prawn Nebula/Petimbo/Not sure if this is 'art' or real. 'Petimbo' is artist on DeviantArt. Yet there is a Prawn Nebula, but not found in these colors. Constellation Scorpius, IC is an emission nebula.

Stunning-Frozen-Air-Bubbles-at-Abraham-Lake-Canada.jpg 620×851 píxeles

Frozen Air Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada, Cool-looking bubbles frozen near the surface, but be careful: the bubbles are full of methane gas so don't light a match near them or there will be an explosion.