Curiosity from the real life

NO effects, NO artificial colour.. from the street to you
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The Beauty of the Backside_ English version

Prepare to be completely hypnotized by the best butt shaking GIFs featuring the most magnificent asses ever seen by humanity!

London Oxford Circus Beat Box performance and nice disruption!

Wasp, Moth, Real Life

London, Real Life, Stuffing, London England, Cow

Rainbows, Real Life, Rainbow

Real Life

Weird and scary stuff…. This is what we saw just at a trip underground in Matera old reservoir.

One of many sleepless night ….

It is likely you will see these small creatures.

An unusual and strange insect.

Crabs, Cl, Real Life

Italian Local Police Officers struggling with drunken crazy man

Policeman in Paris

If you go to Paris. expect a massive presence of Police Oficers. you really feel safe.