Rowan Atkinson

I really hope the creator of this poster just views Rowan Atkinson as the highest standard of excellence and this isn't a quote that's attributed to him.

Anne Hathaway

Get Anne Hathaway's Pixie Cut Style!

Ashley Benson♥

ashley benson - She is one of my favorite characters from Pretty Little Liars and known to the fact that she is beautiful


Hot and sexy redheads. Beautiful women with red hair. Sexy girls with red hair.

Terror Titans: Saturday Scream Queen: Amber Tamblyn

Short-statured and baby-faced, Amber Tamblyn has spent much of her career so far portraying characters younger than her true age, such as p.

keira knightley - Google Search

Long bob/bangs_marieclaire // I'll pin Keira just about anytime, since she and I have similar hair. Anytime it's long on her: extensions

new celeb crush! #grantgustin

new celeb crush! #grantgustin