Mount Fuji, Honshu Island, Japan

10 Places To Visit Before You Die

I like how the subject is heading across the horizon and the light is almost leading the way. I like how the mountain is pointing upward with some room at the top, but the bottom of the image is flat.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to embrace life. Start by taking care of yourself and enjoying the great outdoors! | Mary Kay

Random Inspiration 116

JJC Lens Hood for Canon. A lens hood is a must for every D-SLR photo enthusiast. A lens hood is primarily designed to avoid unwanted stray light from entering the lens by extending

The Momentous And Magnificent World Of Mountain Photography - Bored Art

The Momentous And Magnificent World Of Mountain Photography

Tatry Mountains -- mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland (by ghaxx)

Random Inspiration 139 | Architecture, Cars, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 139

Flying Over The Fog by Philippe Sainte-Laudy. The flock of birds makes this photograph but the misty layered mountains first caught my eye.

We must show that we have not forgotten those in Syria. #WithSyria

The Observer's 20 photographs of the week

For the last month, photographer Narciso Contreras has been showing the destruction in Aleppo, Syria. Here, people walk past damaged homes during heavy fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and government forces

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