Simple sheets for pupils to record on. Linked to a minibeast hunt. Sheets include PCS symbols to help support those pupils who may need visual prompts and are available in full colour or in an editable black and white format

(Look for possible PBL projects) Natural disaster projects for children. This is a website that provides teachers with multiple projects related to natural disasters.

Science Inquiry Skills

A great pack that covers the scientific inquiry process, with explicit links to the Australian Curriculum.

Year 4 Science Australian Curriculum Planning Template (A3 Size)

Primary Science, Primary Teaching, Science Education, Primary School, Teaching Ideas, Curriculum Planning, Australian Curriculum, Classroom Management, Odd Socks

Heat (Conductors & Insulators)

Heat: Conductors and Insulators STUDY GUIDE - Science Conduction, conductor, insulation, insulator.

Classifying and Changing the Appearance of Materials Science Unit Plan

In this unit students will identify the observable properties of different objects, such as colour, size, shape, weight and texture. They also work... $3.00

Australian Curriculum Science - Foundation - R. Publications - Australian Curriculum Science - Foundation use science literacy texts to introduce and explain science concepts.

Discovering Science Lower Primary Teacher Resource for Foundation - Year Fantastic step-by-step guide for teaching Australian Curriculum: Science.

Discovering Science - Upper Primary: Teacher Resource Book - Pearson Resources and Supplies - Teacher Superstore