Man Ray

Man Ray, Indestructible Object (Object to be Destroyed) - Destroyed by ManRay 1923


cherried-thorns: “ Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, 1917 “Whether Mr. Mutt with his own hands made the fountain or not has not importance. He chose it. He took an ordinary article of life, placed it so that.


Meret Oppenheim, Le dejeuner en fourrure, aka Breakfast in Fur/ The Fur Cup/ Object, Artist at 23 made this object from fur-covered teacup, saucer and spoon - identifying piece of Dada art.


Lecture 1 - Bicycle Wheel Marcel Duchamp Reflection on artistic work. Idea and conception of the work become more important than aesthetic perfection.


Raoul Hausmann, Mechanischer Kopf (Tête mécanique / Mechanical Head), Der Geist unserer Zeit, (L’esprit de notre temps / The Spirit of our time) , 1919

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