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several different colored pencils are shown in this drawing book, each with different lines and shapes
Exercise: Mark making techniques
the complete guide to composition for beginners with pictures and text on it
Reglas de composición fotográfica
La composición fotográfica se puede definir como la forma en que organizamos los elementos en una escena para que sean atractivos para el espectador y puedan representar el mensaje visual del fotógrafo de una manera efectiva, armoniosa, e impactante. La composición en fotografía sigue una serie de elementos compositivos como líneas, formas, espacio, color…y técnicas compositivas como la regla de los tercios, la proporción áurea, la regla del espacio, etc.
an ipad screen showing the storyboard for space, which is drawn in black and white
Visual Arts Links & Assignments
the art elements poster is displayed on a white background
Elements and Principles of Art Charts, pack of 13, suitable for Prep to Year 6
Elements and Principles of Art Charts
the elements of art poster is shown in black and white
Elements and Principles of Design
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Blind date with a book
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fruit and vegetables arranged in the shape of a triangle
How to Set Up a Successful Still Life Composition When Painting or Drawing
Triangular or pyramidal still life composition | How to set up a still life
an apple labeled with the names of its parts on a wooden table in front of a brown background
See the Light — In a Still Life Painting, That Is
there are many different brushes in the holder
Paint Brush Storage Rack
Paint brush storage rack, paint brush organization
some crafting supplies are laying out on a white table with blue and pink paint
A Dozen Projects Using Patterned Paint Rollers
a person using a paint roller to create an art project
Printmaking Ideas for Kids -