// YSL knitted wedding dress 1965

Weird crochet wedding dress by yves saint Laurent 1965

Oh wow. I would have to be really mad at J to knit him this..

Roger Hazard on

A Guy Wearing a Full Body Cable Another example of "just because you CAN knit it, doesn't mean you SHOULD." So made me laugh, no need to worry about what to get the man in your life this Christmas!


Grace Coddington - Vogue: The September Issue (model: Raquel Zimmerman)

Somebody help this poor woman...she's being swallowed alive by a hideous sea creature!

a lot of knitting skills in this one -perfectly weird but if its cold enough to wear a chunky knit sweater you probably need a skirt and a long shirt under.

3D Knitwear - cocooning dress; wearable art; sculptural fashion // Johan Ku

That's one cold ass honky~ thrift shop Knitted brilliance by Taipei born designer Johan Ku.

Poor girl...I think her "shrug" weighs more than she does...

The Darker Horse: Knitwear Designer: Julia Ramsey

Alexander McQueen

Lauren, Birthday present for you?

Poppy Warwicker

Knitted Sculpture chunky natural knitted skirt juxtaposed with a bed of soft white ruffles - sculptural fashion // Poppy Warwicker

emilie zanon

emilie zanon~ I never know whether to put these in "knitting" or "fibre art"!

I typically try to avoid having my finished products look like this...

Knitted one piece suit with delicately textured pattern detail // Inspiring knitwear fashion design

Why bother knitting when you can just wear the unravelled skein of yarn? So much easier...

Gheghe, how to knot nit :)

Knitting Obsession

Instead of "Waiting for wife in yarn shop." I would put, "Waiting for wife in Crafting Store"

Perfect! Was totally hoping to go as a cat toy for Halloween this year...

Sophie Digard of Paris, hand crocheted merino wool or linen heirloom quality scarves and shawls

I used to knit like this but then I got better at it...

really amazing knits!

What the hell is she wearing? A skunk?

Soo Joo photographed by Andrew Nuding for Dazed & Confused, December 2012


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