Glass domes

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a glass clochet with rolled up papers under it on top of a shelf
Steampunk Style for Halloween Inspiration
Roll old book pages into into a cloche display + stack books with pages facing out for texture
red high heeled shoes under a glass dome on a tray with books in it
Sweet Salvage... Now Showing!
How about this for a centerpiece! Dorothy's red sparkling shoes.
a glass clochel with flowers in it sitting on a table
My inner landscape
Garden tea party ~ Spring cloche
there are many vases with flowers in them on the table and one is empty
Wedding Reception Ideas with Chic Style - MODwedding
OK I’m not joking here when I say that we have found some of the most adorable wedding reception ideas! Just to give your busy mind a break, here’s a quick trip to our perfect wedding world featuring some gorgeous outdoor designs. There’s nothing like flawless table settings and luscious floral designs to keep you […]
three glass vases with plants inside of them
Beautiful way to enjoy the show bells before they are done- just add a bit of moss, and voila!
there are many different plates and bowls on the table with words above them that read, we're all mad here
Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, themed decor ideas. Fantasy, fairytale, mad hatter hat, vintage tea cups, white rabbit, vintage clocks, pocket watch, glass cloches, Candlesticks, vintage silver, vintage hand mirror, keys, moss, garden, vintage books: