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Northallerton, North Yorkshire, UK  ·  Dotty Hippo is a family business based in Northallerton in North Yorkshire selling a range of fun and practical things for toddlers and up.
Dotty Hippo
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Beautiful gift set

Beautiful gift set

Dotty Hippo - 3 Sprouts Storage Box - Rhino - Cube Storage, £25.00 (

This 3 Sprouts Rhino Storage Box is ideal in the nursery or children's bedroom for storing toys or clothes. The 3 Sprouts Rhino storage box has sides reinforced with cardboard and is made from polyester with a polyester felt applique.

Dotty Hippo - 3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper Orangutan - Nursery Storage, £34.00 (

This 3 Sprouts Orangutan Laundry Hamper is an ideal way to manage laundry in your child's nursery or bedroom. The 3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper has two large collapsible handles and a circular opening that keeps dirty laundry out of sight.

Dotty Hippo - Woodland Baby Birth Tree Giant Wall Stickers, £23.00 (

Beautify a nursery in minutes with this Woodland Baby Birch Tree Giant Wall Decals by RoomMates! This wall decal set brings the beauty of nature to life in a room in no .