david hilliard | DAVID HILLIARD - Miracle, 1994

David Hilliard creates large scale multi-paneled photographs, based on his life or the lives of people around him.

Early Philadelphia, 1962–64 Metzker moved to Philadelphia in 1962. He photographed in the old central section of the city, working first with a 4x5-inch view camera and then with a 35mm camera. Focusing on quotidian subjects, he transformed fleeting gestures by strangers and unassuming aspects of the urban environment into exquisite vignettes. !   Ray K Metzker

Double Frame: Philadelphia, negative print Ray K. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Gift of the Hall Family Foundation, © Ray K.

Jan Dibbets - Land-Sea AB3 - 2007

in his most recent collection, dutch conceptual artist jan dibbets joins landscapes and seascapes, challenging a seamless perspective.

Jan Dibbets: Little Comet 9° – 81°, Sky·Sea·Sky, 1973. © Jan Dibbets. Courtesy the artist and Alan Cristea Gallery, London.

Jan Dibbets: Little Comet – Sky·Sea·Sky, © Jan Dibbets. Courtesy the artist and Alan Cristea Gallery, London.

David Hilliard #photography

David Hilliard distorts his image by opposing images by taking two photos of contrasting events, e. whats happening above the table, contrasted with what's happening below.

Jan Dibbets: COLLAGE OF DUTCH MOUNTAINS, 1972. Photocollage. 152x633 mm; 6x25 inches. Signed.

Jan Dibbets: COLLAGE OF DUTCH MOUNTAINS, Photocollage. place related work - creating new realities. Land art inspired 'drawing' with photo and printmaking.

Ray K. Metzker

ray metzker, Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Couplets: Philadelphia

Ray Metzker - Artists - Laurence Miller Gallery

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