Duane Syndrome

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Duane Syndrome

"WHAT IS DUANE SYNDROME?" Duane Syndrome (also known as Duane Retraction Syndrome) is a congenital eye movement disorder, or strabismus, that is associated with a limited ability to move the eye...

Duane syndrome is a rare, congenital eye movement disorder. Research Institute, Good To Know, Learning, Teaching, Studying

About Duane Syndrome

Duane syndrome is a rare, congenital eye movement disorder.

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Duane Syndrome - What You Should Know

Duane Syndrome affects the eye muscles so that the ability to move the eye inward, outward, or in both directions is limited. Learn more about it here.

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Duane Syndrome | Boston Children's Hospital

Duane syndrome is a rare form of strabismus, or misalignment of the eye. Learn more from experts at Boston Children’s Hospital.