Learn how to make your own 'Touch Book' of textures for kids to feel.

Make Your Own Touch Book

Learn how to make your own Touch Book for your blind baby by putting together a book of textures for him to feel. It's easy and fun and can be a great gift for a visually impaired child. or Dementia nursing home residents.

What can preschoolers learn from ramps? How about the beginnings of motion, speed, distance...

Ramps in the Science Center

Lovely materials for exploring weight & mass (",)

This is great math and science play Playsets For The Imagination - Homemade Rainbows Shop

Investigation station idea-use hands to feel what's in each box and try to match the picture with each box- stick on with Velcro

Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science It would be a good idea to use these as mystery boxes. Place six items in boxes and have them guess what the objects are or what they may all have in common. Could be used to introduce a new unit or book.

Smelling Sensory Bottles for preschool. Another pinnners says: My daughters ask me ALL THE TIME to smell things ~ every spice I use, every piece of fruit I put into the fridge, the living room candles, perfume, even the fabric softener... And of course I let them, and ask them what it smells like. This is great!

5 senses theme - DIY smelling bottles made from spice containers with a cotton ball and a few drops of cooking extracts or essential oils.

Quick, easy and affordable DIY Light Table for kids sensory play that you can make at home.

DIY Light Table

Beautiful table to explore things that come from trees - from Forever Friends ELC and Kindergarten (",)

Science display: Things that come from trees - class project at Forever Friends ELC and Kindergarten ≈≈

Magnetic sorting investigation.

(Pin N) Magnetic sorting investigation- children can explore ideas engaging with and co-constructing meaning through play- based learning. Children resource their own learning through connecting with material and exploring ideas and theories through play.

This is SUCH a simple and brilliant way to make a DIY Light Box for Sensory Play!

DIY Light Box for Sensory Play

The Imagination Tree: DIY Light Box for Sensory Play. Christmas lights in plastic storage box.