I will never, ever tire of the Art Deco influenced Biba graphics. Everything about the brand was SO beautifully designed. Biba Grapefruit skin tonic bottle

Art Deco influenced Biba graphics, my style is influenced by these simple lines and luxurious colour choices

The Biba logos; Each floor, and in some cases each area of each floor had its own identity, and thus its own logo, typeface, letterhead, swing-ticket, letterhead and gift voucher. Steven Thomas design

Branding produced by Steve Thomas for BIBA store has High Street Kensington when they acquired Derry &Toms building in 1974

Biba founder, Barbara Hulanick. Love the jewelry.

Barbara Hulanicki Warsaw-born fashion designer and founder of the iconic clothes store Biba.

Biba help-wanted advertisement. I love Biba but even more... the 01 phone code!

A mid/late Biba help-wanted advertisement. I love Biba but even more. the 01 phone code!

Child of the Moon: Biba and Beyond...

As well as Jazz Age style, Big Biba was a key promoter of another huge trend, Victoriana.