Syn Free Meringue Peaks - Desserts & Drinks - Slinky Slimmers - Slimming World Recipes

Meringues are becoming popular again, gluten free and cholesterol free, but plenty of sugar :-) We can make them in any color and most flavors. That Winsome Girl: Meringue Kisses


Slimming Eats Mexican Lentil Bake - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Slimming World (SP) and Weight Watchers friendly

Slimming World’s cheesy broccoli bake

Slimming World’s cheesy broccoli bake Turn a family favourite into a deliciously healthy meal with this recipe from Slimming World. Top this versatile dish with a tasty low-fat cheesy sauce

Lentil Shepherds Pie | Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes

Lentil Shepherds Pie - Slimming world style! Ideal for a vegetarian alternative and great on green and extra easy days.

Vicki-Kitchen: syn free tasty oxo roast potatoes (slimming world friendly)

Vicki-Kitchen: syn free tasty roast potatoes (slimming world friendly) - I actually like SW roasties much better than the bought'en ones!


Slimming Eats Cheesy Cauliflower Topped Pie - gluten free, vegetarian, Slimming World (SP) and Weight Watchers friendly