BAC TSR2 in final assembly

The British Aircraft Corporation was a cancelled Cold War strike and aerial reconnaissance aircraft developed by the British Aircraft Corporation for the Royal Air Force in the late and.

Avro Vulcan Depature

AVRO VULCAN Originally part of the V-Force triad, Britain’s airborne nuclear deterrent during much of the Cold War. The V Bombers were armed with the Blue Steel stand off missile. With the withdrawal.

De Havilland Sea Vixen

Private de Havilland Sea Vixen photo by Trevor Thornton

A Gloster Javelin FAW.9R of No 23 Squadron

RAF-T A Gloster Javelin of No 23 Squadron banking away from the camera clearly showing the identification markers and the missile complement of De Havilland Firestreak infra-red homing air-to-air missiles

Stunning photographs of Vulcan bomber XH558 flying over Beachy Head

Stunning photographs of Vulcan bomber XH558 flying over Beachy Head

Photographer Andy Rouse had the best seat in the house when he was lucky enough to photograph the iconic Avro Vulcan bomber flying over Beachy Head, East Sussex

English Electric Lightning F2a 19 Sqn RAF 1960's

English Electric Lightning 19 Sqn RAF “Over the North Sea, Lightning of 19 Squadron stationed at RAF Leaconfield,

British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) - Royal Air Force (RAF) - faster with one engine on reheat than an English Electric Lightning with both engines on reheat, wow that is fast!

Vickers Valiant

October A Vickers Valiant of No. 49 Squadron RAF drops Britain's first air-dropped atomic bomb, over Maralinga, South Australia

English Electric Lightnings

English Electric Lightnings, LTF, 11 Sqn and 5 Sqn over Spurn Point, UK.