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30 Funny Pictures Of The Day

30 Funny Pictures Of The Day

Tumblr discusses "How-to" murder someone without getting caught "plus you might catch a marlin or something."

It's for purely fictional purposes okay! And you might catch a marlin!

...and I just keep Tumbring down deeper into the depths of the amazing thing known as: the Internet. -w-

Planning for murder<<<I would dramatically throw the ice cube over my shoulder while saying "your the one who said the cold didn't bother you anyway"

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When I accidentally speak Spanish to my sister she panics and responds in French but we live in the US so my dad just judges us.

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The voice actor one was very relevant to me because I just realized in the credits that Ashley tisdale is the voice actress for Candace in Phineas and Ferb>> did one post just say Peter Jackson?

HAHAHA that's awesome!!

Ignore the bad language towards the end. This is too funny, kinda sounds like something I would do.