Do you remember?

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I remember doing this!

Outdoor Activity: Roll down the Hills with the Kids

Rolling down the hill - best fun ever This is so true and we never got hurt or broke out necks, but I bet most kids today have never enjoyed this simple pleasure. Too bad as adults we can't just go out on break at work and roll down the nearest hill


Chinese Jump Rope - played this a lot on the playground in middle school

Who remembers this chewing gum as a kid

Gold Rush Bubble Gum by Topps. I used to get this at our local Woolworth dime store.

They always slipped off!

Partington - we played on the square at the bottom of the road all summer and when the sun shone we would roller skate to school.


These look like bear traps. Edit: apparently they're bike pedals!

Long white socks.

They used to leave the pattern marks on your legs and feet and make you itch!

navy blue knickers - mandatory part of the school uniform

Navy school knickers, shown off at PE time, when hanging upside down off the parallel bars. Plus doing PE in just a vest and the navy blue knickers!

So frustrating ( but gr8 fun to play !! )

it was a frustrating game :-).gave me a headache from the hitting the button to shake the

Farleys rusks

Previous pinner: Study found of Farley's Original Rusks contained more sugar than of chocolate biscuits. (all my sister and brothers had these when they were little)