The science of #social timing.

The Science of Social Timing Part Timing & Email Marketing -- "Are certain times better than others for sending your email campaigns? to investigate how timing can impact your email marketing. Data suggests that there are distinct windows in which

Do e-newsletters work? Blog by Dragonfly PR

Do e-newsletters work? Blog by Dragonfly PR

Email Marketing Vs Social Media - #Infographic (scheduled via

#SocialMedia Vs. Email Marketing - #Infographic

Is Email Marketing Better Than Social Media? This Answer May Be Different Depending On Who You Ask. Here's An Email Marketing vs Social Media Infographic.

Email Metrics #emailmarketing #infographic

Email Metrics: Improve performance of your email by paying attention to these email metrics and KPIs: delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and

#Email #Marketing Best Practices - it's all in this #Infographic !

Email Marketing Best Practices [Infographic] - of recipients will forward emails with promos and coupons (and more cool stats)

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