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four different types of dragon silhouettes in black and white, with the names below them
Know the difference about dragons - Gaming
Know the difference about dragons
Earth Dragon Wicca, Fire Dragon, Pagan Witch, Grimoire, Occult, Pagan
Earth Dragon
the front cover of an air dragon book
Water Dragon
the front cover of an air dragon book
Air Dragon
the different types of dragon wings are shown in this graphic style, and there is also an
lol the last one but this is helpful for my fakemon species naming so thank you tumblr :3
the legend of saint george and the dragon is featured in this book, with an image of
St George's Day story and activity pack
A selection of facts, poems and a wordsearch to teach children about dragons and the patron saint of England.
an image of a painting with people riding on horses
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
[St. George and the dragon] (f. 31v) Book of Hours 'De Grey', 15th century.
some red and black art work with pictures on the wall behind it, including an image of a dragon
Red Dragon
an old book with a dragon on it
Beasts : Dragon
Medieval Bestiary. British Library, Harley MS 3244, Folio 59r A large dragon with two pairs of wings, breathing fire.
an old book with writing on it and a lizard sitting on top of the page
The British Library MS Viewer
Medieval lizard vs. dragon. Medieval Border Dragon and Magpie, Add MS 24686, f.18v, c 1284-1316, Psalter, known as 'The Alphonso Psalter' (formerly known as 'The Tenison Psalter').
an old world map is shown with many different things on it, including ships and animals
Here There Be Dragons - TV Tropes
Historically, mapmaking was a fairly imprecise task . . .to fill blank areas on the maps, mapmakers used to include textual/graphic warnings of the dangers of going into uncharted territory. Such warnings took the form of sea serpents, dragons, mythical and, sometimes, even real creatures. The actual line "Here There Be Dragons" has been found only once, on the 16th-century Lenox Globe — but is too cool to give up.
an image of a bird with wings on top of a ring and two snakes around it
Lindorm dragon from the alchemical scrolls of Sir George Ripley, 15th century. Lindorms were most often encountered in churchyards, where they fed on human corpses, and would sometimes invade churches.
an old book with two snakes on it
An essay towards a natural history of serpents :. London :Printed for the author, sold by John Gray ...,1742.