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the words blocked manhole are reflected in a puddle
Blocked Manhole: What are the Causes & How to Unblock it?
Are you experiencing slow water drainage or unpleasant odors coming from your manhole? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our latest article discusses the causes of a blocked manhole, warning signs, and the tools needed to unblock it step by step. Read on for everything you need to know to fix the problem! #BlockedManhole #DrainCleaningLondon
a puddle with the words, where can i find drainage plans for my house?
Where Can I Find Drainage Plans for My House?
Did you know that your property has a complex network of drains and pipelines under your feet? Knowing the drainage plan of your property is crucial for locating and repairing blocked or broken drains, planning extensions, obtaining planning permission and knowing where private and shared drains lead. But where can you find your drainage plans? Check out our latest article on 'Where Can I Find Drainage Plans for My House?' to know all about it! #drainageplans #LondonPlumber
a water fountain with the words does house insurance cover blocked drains?
Does House Insurance Cover Blocked Drains?
Did you know that your home insurance policy may cover those pesky clogged drains for you? However, there are certain conditions and requirements you should be aware of. Check out our latest article to find out if you’re covered for blocked drains, common exclusions, and what to do about your clogged drain. #draincleaning #homeinsurancecoverage