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Repurposing Milk Cartons | The New Home Ec

Did IT using a vinegar bottle! NO more torn Solo cups for a dog food scoop! DIY: Milk Jug Scoop For The Garden.make your own from an empty milk jug!

Quirky Trophies For Party Games

These DIY trophies are sure to be the hit of your holiday parties. They're easy to make, and your party guests will love them!

Reindeer Balloon Game

We had our family Christmas party and had a couple of strange reindeer show up just after a game. For this game, you need: pairs of panty hose, package of white balloons

Fan Santa youth group game

Fat Santa Submitted by Jimmy Hudson – Divide into teams and pass out balloons. Buy the largest sweat suits you can find at WalMart and some small sized balloons. Set an amount of time and the teens blow up the balloons and stuff the santa. Best looking S

What's in the stocking game

What's in the Stocking? Game Find a few small items in the house and put them into a Christmas stocking. Then turns passing the stocking and reaching in to identify an object with only your hands.

Face The Cookie

Pick your most loved Minute to Win It party game and let the fun start! Every game is fun and challenging. Incredible for birthday gatherings and sleepovers. Kids, youngsters and grown-ups all will have a ton of fun playing these games.