charcoal on newspaper

drawing - charcoal on newspaper. Notice how the print adds to the contrast. During WWII , teachers used newsprint for art projects. i like the mix of newspaper and charcoal, naturalistic colours and texture

Painting, stamping and stenciling?

~ (Almost like dictonary art) Collage with paper and text. Glue, paper, scissors ~ I WANT THIS

Malcolm Liepke "I've got a cold in my nose!"

Can anyone identify this painting or the artist?

Artist: Malcolm T. Liepke (b. oil on canvas, 1990 {figurative art female red-nosed woman face portrait painting

//guy denning | yesterday, she knew

Draw onto collaged newspaper or brown paper bags -- students prepare their own alternative drawing supports/surfaces

anyone who knows the artist please message.  Thanks

"The girl with the final demand" - Guy Denning, conte and chalk on corrugated packing cardboard

Guy Denning - on the edge of reason (my interpretation not his title) Bristol based artist - he draws a face each day on his blog.  They are very expressive depicting rage,anger,frustration etc etc

Guy Denning (English self taught contemporary artist/painter based in France. He is the founder of The Neomodern Group and part of the urban art scene in Bristol.

Looks like a guy denning piece. Might be. Incredible!

Illustration by Florian Nicolle Florian Nicolle aka Neo is gritty, the kind of gritty you can’t stay away from. Nicolle’s illustration are filled with splattered paintbrushes and unfinished figures left to your imagination to complete.

guy denning

Guy Denning This reminds me of sinead's Nothing Compares to You music clip (Mix Guys Drawing)

Guy Denning, English painter

Great for charcoal, inky, expressive style portraits Celebrity will eat itself - Guy Denning

Guy Denning: drawing with rage, amongst other things

Guy Denning: drawing with rage, amongst other things

A drawing a day, how does this guy keep it up! Check it out for your daily does of angst, despair, passion and beauty.