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Dr. Mike
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Spiders top the global predator charts - BBC News

Spiders eat million tons of prey every year. With more than 45000 species and a population density of up to 1000 individuals per square meter spiders are one of the worlds most species-rich and widespread groups of predators. via rddit science

Researchers reveal how overloading of protein transport mechanisms triggers cellular defects

Researchers reveal how overloading of protein transport mechanisms triggers cellular defects


Homemade Hazelnut, Walnut and Blueberry Granola - Good morning Chennai!, Breakfast in Chennai @ The Hindu Shutterbug

Random process may determine specialized cells in organs https://m.phys.org/news/2017-03-random-specialized-cells.html

What is the process that allows plant and animal organs to produce different specialized cells from an original set of identical cells? In the case of small and giant cells found in the sepals – th…

Viruses support photosynthesis in bacteria: An evolutionary advantage? -- ScienceDaily

Study: Viruses support photosynthesis in bacteria – an evolutionary advantage?

Simpler, faster oil-spill cleanup using fish-inspired membranes | Chemical & Engineering News

Illustration of fish-gill filtering mechanism and the oil-spill cleanup system modeled after it

Heart tissue cryogenics breakthrough gives hope for transplant patients | Science | The Guardian

Freezing and rewarming sections of heart tissue successfully raises hopes for doing the same for the entire organ.

Bacteria genes offer new strategy for sterilizing mosquitoes

STERILITY CULPRITS Wolbachia bacteria (red) effectively sterilize a male mosquito by infecting the insect’s testes (blue), shown at 100 times magnification. Now, researchers have identified genes that may be responsible for the sterility.

Biophysicists propose new approach for membrane protein crystallization

A team of scientists from MIPT, Research Center JΓΌlich (Germany), and Institut de Biologie Structurale (France) has developed a new approach to membrane protein crystallization. For the first time, the scientists have showed .

What Exactly Are People Marching for When They March for Science? - The Atlantic

Researchers should reach beyond the science bubble : Nature News & Comment

Invasive species, climate change threaten Great Lakes

Trillions of invasive mussels have taken over the Great Lakes, damaging ecosystems and infrastructure. Sign this petition to support research on mussel eradication strategies and save native fish and bird species.