sasha!!! these are just like the sensory bowl you set up 4'ayan!!! 4 Montessori treasure baskets that any baby will love! Also very Froebel! try it! try! it! TRY! IT!

Montessori Treasure Basket Guest Post

Themed Treasure Baskets for Babies Plus Montessori Monday Link-Up Collection

Montessori Monday - Themed Treasure Baskets for Babies

Baby and Infant Treasure Baskets / sensory baskets, Montessori inspired. List and links to various treasure basket ideas from "Chalkboards To Strollers"

Nursery rhyme singing basket for toddlers or preschoolers

Nursery Rhyme Singing Basket: baby and toddler play

Make a nursery rhyme singing basket for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy singing their favourite songs with parents and care-givers! Fantastic for early language development and creativity for the very smallest children and a great activity for

Natural Treasure Baskets...great for youngest participants although older ones will enjoy discovery also...

I have two variants of this. The 'things from nature' basket which just has shells, wood, stones, feathers etc and 'natural objects' basket including many items from here. This was an easy place to start.

Montessori-Inspired Ball Treasure Basket for Babies (plus resources for creating treasure baskets and many types of themed treasure baskets)

Ball Treasure Basket for Babies

Today, I want to share one of my granddaughter's all-time favorite "toys" . her Montessori ball treasure basket.