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a large wooden staircase leading up to a living room
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Beautifully sculpted stairway made from old oak by Antiek Amber, as seen on
an empty room with some stairs and a television on the wall in front of it
Slatted oak stairs and balustrade, oak handrail, recessed LED light, grey Farrow and Ball interior.
an image of stairs interesting banisters and railings with suitcases on the floor
unexpected guests: leigh beisch. - sfgirlbybay
unexpected guests: leigh beisch / sfgirlbybay / Get started on liberating your interior design at Decoraid ( ..rh
a living room with two chairs and a book shelf under the stairs in front of it
Take a Tour of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia House B&B
"The area under the stairs is often wasted space," says Joanna Gaines. "We transformed this spot— once a closet with book storage on one side—into a library nook, which feels perfect for a B&B.
there is a black metal stair case in the living room with white walls and windows
10 Steel staircase designs: sleek, durable and strong
This is a staircase featuring a combination of steel and wood. The steps are made of wood while the structure and guardrails are made of steel. The combination of material is interesting and the contrast is strong and beautiful. The two materials have different textures and colors but create a nice balance.
the bookshelf under the stairs is full of books and magazines, along with other decorative items
Nicole Franzen
Amazing metal stair rail and storage under the stairs designed by Studio Muir in San Francisco Broderick
a white staircase with black balconies and wood flooring
Lorri Dyner Design - Affordable decorating in the San Francisco Bay Area
love this contemporary vibe - I've never seen a staircase spindle like this one.