FREE Multiplication Strategies - mini posters / reference charts for Maths #school....I HAD NEVER SEEN THE NUMBER LINE ONE!!!....I really think it will help

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart / Posters

Subtraction poem with Dance moves to go with it

grade- Teaching Subtraction with regrouping-The poem's fine, but check out the dance moves/actions to go with it! This is a fantastic idea for teaching regrouping. Wish I was teaching Grade

Probably gonna need this for Jett and Jocelynn (hopefully it prevents some meltdowns for you know who)

# Anchor Chart idea to show students multiple strategies for division. I think this would really help students to 'see' what division is. - Probably gonna need this for Jett and Jocelynn (hopefully it prevents some meltdowns for you know who)

Counting and number matching with paper cups. A fun math activity for preschool.

Counting and Number Matching with Paper Cups

Practice number matching with paper cups! It& a fun, hands-on way to learn numbers and counting. So grab the free printable mats and try this math activity

⏰Race the Clock⏰ This was a fun activity for my kiddos. I would shout out a time and whoever illustrated it correctly gained a point for their team. We used ⭕️hula hoops⭕️ to portray the clock outline.

171 - 180 Estimates measures length of an object to the nearest centimeter using a picture of a rule

Measurement benchmarks- good for grade CCSS. Last year we used only Body Parts as benchmarks but I like the idea of having several measurement benchmarks instead

Shapes popsicle sticks... Saw this thought maybe it'd be a good idea for your kids, recognition and fine motor skills! 2in1

Looks fun: A, Bee, C, Preschool: Building Shapes. Kindergarten readiness: Colored craft sticks are labeled with the number of sides each shape has, ie: 3 purple sticks - triangle. The children will choose a color and build the matching colored shape from

This blog post has ideas, resources, and anchor charts for teaching multiplication!

Multiplication Madness

Free Number Formation Rhymes. These are AMAZING!! Print and Drive little cars, trucks and planes and learn proper letter formation. Tons of other Free Number Printables too!

Print and Drive Number Rhymes are perfect for your little tot or preschooler. This set includes numbers with a fun transportation theme on each page. For every number, there is a small rhyme for children to learn the proper number formation as they d

Dekeon's physical education page: Cooperative Activities

Place value game where students roll the dice to make the base 10 block numbers then write how many tens, ones, and the number. Relates to the standard of place value and where each number belongs within a large number.