FREE Multiplication Strategies - mini posters / reference charts for Maths #school....I HAD NEVER SEEN THE NUMBER LINE ONE!!!....I really think it will help

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart / Posters

Subtraction poem with Dance moves to go with it

grade- Teaching Subtraction with regrouping-The poem's fine, but check out the dance moves/actions to go with it! This is a fantastic idea for teaching regrouping. Wish I was teaching Grade

Counting and number matching with paper cups. A fun math activity for preschool.

Counting and Number Matching with Paper Cups

Practice number matching with paper cups! It& a fun, hands-on way to learn numbers and counting. So grab the free printable mats and try this math activity

171 - 180 Estimates measures length of an object to the nearest centimeter using a picture of a rule

Measurement Benchmarks: Have kids find their own items and write their own chart in math notebook

hands-on investigation for learning how to understand time!

Teaching Special Thinkers: Telling Time is EASY PEASY Creating an analog clock from a unifix number line-- to support learners' understanding of time--great idea! GOOD FOR PREK

⏰Race the Clock⏰ This was a fun activity for my kiddos. I would shout out a time and whoever illustrated it correctly gained a point for their team. We used ⭕️hula hoops⭕️ to portray the clock outline.