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blueberries and pecans are arranged in a pile on top of the other fruit
a white plate topped with an octopus covered in sauce and vegetables on top of a wooden table
Warm octopus salad with stir fried vegetables and aji sauce on white plate. Delicious healthy mediterranean traditional seafood closeup served on a table for lunch in modern cuisine gourmet restaurant
a plate with two forks on it next to some bread
Arles Napkins, Riga Blue Placemat by www.thelinenworks.co.uk
a black circular object on a white wall in the shape of a sunburst
Modern Placemats & Chargers: Round Placemats, Gold Placemats & More | CB2
four blue glass tumblers sitting next to each other
Shop Homewares - Trouva
three blue glass goblets sitting next to each other on a white countertop
SIX Ways to Update Your Dining Room NOW for Fall | Classic Casual Home
five spoons and six forks are lined up in a row on a gray surface
Crush Cul de Sac
Gold flatware isn't the most practical choice. But is it the prettiest.