Barbara Rae Almond Trees

A silk screen print by Barbara Rae called 'Winter Almonds'. It's an interesting idea to use such a hot colour palette for a winter image.

West Highland Landscape by Barbara Rae (b.1943)

West Highland landscape by Barbara Rae Love her work especially her ability to portray a landscape yet still be on the verge of abstraction.

Barbara Rae, 1998 Caledon

Barbara Rae (RA) - Caledon No. 32 of 36 printed in conjunction with Graal Press is available for sale at Castlegate House Gallery.

Winter Light, Lammermoor. Barbara Rae

Barbara Rae RA Winter Light, Lammermoor 1943 Acrylic and collage on canvas 1832 x 1980 x 40 mm