Rainbow pumpkin seeds name activities for kids to try today

Name Activities with Colorful Pumpkin Seeds

Save your pumpkin seeds this year and use them to create these fun and amazing projects Colorful Pumpkin Seed Names ( source ) .

Hand washing for kids -- great for cold season and back to school!

Hand Washing Activity for Kids

Make Hand Washing Fun For Kids! This trick makes hand washing fun and helps kids understand the point!

awesome sheep, fun food

Vegetable Lamb - cute table decoration on a veggie tray.I think it's a potato with cauliflower stuck to it; maybe with toothpicks, and cucumber legs or zucchini?

Juicing station

Juicing station - could set one up with oranges, juicer, cups for children to…

Helping children learn about nasty germs and the importance of proper hand washing may be easier after this Saturday Science experiment. Here is a way to help them 'see' germs, the invisible things...

Science Saturday

A lesson in handwashing. elementaryschoolcounselor: “ The Hand Washing Lesson My students absolutely loved this. The lesson uses lotion-covered hands and glitter to illustrate how germs spread. I placed glitter on one student’s hand and had the.

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