Unseen London DEAD MAN’S WALK The Old Bailey’s 'dead man’s walk', a legacy of old Newgate prison, was the route a condemned prisoner would follow from the cell to the gallows

Photographer Peter Dazeley reveals interiors of iconic buildings in Unseen London Book

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There are very few photos of Newgate prison on the net. The most commonly reproduced ones come from a late Victorian book, Queen’s London, Anon, Cassell, But three of the most striking an

Newgate Prison, London.

One of the last photographs taken before it was demolished in

Newgate Prison

A plan of Newgate Prison in London published in Source: Original in the Crace Collection at the at the British Library.

Hidden Cells of Newgate Prison in London United Kingdom

Hidden Cells of Newgate Prison

Remnants from the most feared London prison may lie in the basement of a rare Victorian Gin Palace.