Adam I loved this man..and proudly own his Greatest Hits Album and jump around like a loon at Prince know the dance steps..don't you? lol

Prince Charming of Suburbia: Adam Ant's transition from Eighties dandy, to gun-wielding maniac, to Mr Average next door

Adam Ant - prince charming dance at the junior school disco

new romantic blitz kids,1982.  Got my extensions at Antennae, London.

new romantic blitz vintage fashion style color photo print new wave hat hair makeup pirate skirt dress

Who would have guessed our makeup trends from the 80s would be inspired by David Bowie?

Pink and Orange Makeup. Make-up and Hair: Claudia Creuels Client: Chillimedia

Adam Ant in Military dress jacket. I used to love him even stuck a plaster to my nose to try and copy him!

Military Jackets in music: Adam Ant in Military dress jacket.

The New Romantic look, 1981

The New Romantic look, 1981 - Nevan trying out a new style called New Romantic styled after bands like Adam Ant.