If I were to pierce my nose again, definitely would choose a style like this. Beautiful BVLA studs (Mine is the opal in rose gold (top right) Adore!

Gemstone Necklaces Lotus Pendant - Water Lily Necklace is entirely handmade piece. Its made of solid brass in sawing, etching and soldering techniques.


Gold reindeer collar clips with chain // fashion accessories make boring top collared shirt stylish and easily makes a fashion statement style kind of outfit for working women or students in school

Cadiz Onyx Ring

ginette_ny Cadiz Onyx Ring - Tap the link to check out some products that you've probably never seen before! Feel free to take advantage of the FREE ITEMS as well ;

white thin gold wedding band, Engagement ring ,wedding ring with a diamond I LOVE IT! I Love the thin band with simple diamond!