Phonics 1 - In this Phonics game, students will find the word that the teacher "sound talks" or segments Then, the students feed the word to the hungry robot. Roles can be reversed and students can talk as the robot.

We have been searching the internet high and low to find THE best Tuff Tray Inspiration on the web!  From small worlds to sensory play to...

44 Tuff Spot Play Ideas

Can you find the first letter in your name can you spell your name? Use different sized magnets to activate fine motor skills.

Unicorn Sensory Writing Tray - The Imagination Tree

Unicorn Sensory Writing Tray

Unicorn Sensory Writing Tray - The Imagination TreeTap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Another really quick and easy enhancement to set up. All you need is some really small text. I went for Phase 3 phonics sounds as this is what we were covering. But you could have tricky words or words all.

Conversations in Literacy: Sight Word Games for Active Learners. Can use as center where ask partner questions about the word so student can guess their word and record it

Target practice for letter recognition. A fun way to get children to learn and recognize the letters of the alphabet by shooting them.