These were like my mom's. and they hurt to use them! Burned fingers and tangled spikes that dug into your head!

I had this exact set of rollers! (i had them too, and remember burning myself cuz my hair was long and thin)

Wire plastic dip flower kit – I LOVED these as a child! (70's)

wire plastic dip flower kit- In the I made these. I thought they were so cool.back then! Bea: from Gloria, I remember helping my mom make these when I went to the Geriatric Therapy class she taught.

REMCO: 1968 TIPPY TUMBLES Remote Control Doll.... Always wanted one as a child...never got her though... :(

LOVED this doll! She is one of my youngest doll memories, besides my own doll that I named after myself because my brother was a Junior and I was not!


Pippa Dolls My sister had these and sometimes I made clothes for them. I think this one was called Tammy?

Freeman Hardy & Willis

Freeman Hardy Willis My shoes always bought here till I got a Saturday job

Screen test with Michael Rodd

Screen Test with Michael Rodd (for music, see comments from Jon link) My first proper crush. Have found really brainy men irresistible ever since.