Double Exposure Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions

Double Exposure Photoshop Action

square rectangular doors shapes of mornings light sunrays sunbeams sunlight streaking beaming through forests corridors, trees, Le corridor de mon pére, By Bart Deburgh

Cut up rose kept in its original form. Quirky new take on a picture of a flower.

A rose is a rose (

Painting with Light Technique. How cool would it be to do light paintings for…

Outstanding Examples of Light Painting Photography

A Level Photography: A Fantasy Theme

A Level Photography: A Fantasy Theme

A Level Photography: A Fantasy Theme. This is a great example of the process of investigation, experimentation and the arrival at a final piece.

This preparatory sheet shows the development of digitally manipulated compositions, drawing ideas from the photographers studied. The page includes screenshots and descriptions of Photoshop tools that have been used to merge images together. Michael also includes a gallery ‘mock-up’, showing how the his work would look if hung in a gallery exhibition space. This allows him to establish a sense of scale and show the work in context.

A Level Photography: The Growing Population and a Futuristic New World